Wheelchairs in Yola Nigeria

2017-11-02 16.17.46

A team of Rotarians, that included three members of the PSA board visited Yola, Nigeria in November 2017. The group traveled to help with polio immunizations in the area. They also gathered with local leaders and Rotarians to distribute more than 100 tricycle wheelchairs to polio survivors. The wheelchairs were provided through the generous contributions raised by team members prior to the trip. The gift of a US$150 tricycle wheelchair makes a significant change in the life of a polio survivor, providing mobility and restoring their dignity. Yola Nigeria is in the Eastern part of the country, south of Borno State. Thousands have fled the area controlled by Boko Haram in the North and are currently residing in three internally displace persons camps in Yola. The team members had the opportunity to visit camps, immunize their children, listen to their stories and provide food supplies.

Members of the Polio Survivors RAG shared information on polio as well as post-polio syndrome. All team members paid their own way, covering their own expenses to participate in this trip..

NOTE: Members of PSA RAG provided information on polio survivors – no group funds were used for this project. All team members paid their own way and expenses to participate in this trip.

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