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Voices of Polio

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  1. I was just shy of 4 years old in 1953 and awakened one morning with a raging fever and difficulty moving, Dr. Canman came to the house ( they did that back then) and gave my parents the awful news. ” I think it is Polio and I must get him to the hospital now”. This was before the Salk vaccine, and they did all of the known things to control it, primarily getting the fever down, lots of ice cream! I survived with little adverse effects and have never forgotten how fortunate I am, Polio was epidemic in the USA back then, always in the news, pictures of iron lungs wheel chairs and crutches. When I joined Rotary 20 years ago I was a little overwhelmed by the requests for money. Then I heard about Polio Plus, I thought I need to get involved in that! It has been my inspiration all of these years and my commitment to the Foundation to see this dreaded disease eliminated in my lifetime. I am Foundation chair for my club and we have excelled in Polio Plus contributions. Lake Chatuge/ Hiawassee Rotary, Georgia USA.

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