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Voices of Polio

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  1. My cousin Ronnie had polio. He was a big guy and had to wear big, clunky braces and walk with the aid of crutches. He has three brothers that did not have polio, and I always wondered why he was the one that did. It seemed unfair that he did but he made the best of the situation.
    My brother in law was stricken with polio as a small child. He was an only child and his parents were determined to do everything within their power to help him. He talked about how every evening he and his father walked to the corner drugstore in Biloxi to get a milkshake with a raw egg in it. His mother went to nursing school to learn how to deal with this illness. He always had some visible signs of polio and it affected his health all of his life. He accepted the fact that the polio affected him and never made a big deal about it.
    Both my cousin and brother in law made up their minds that polio would not keep them from living a full and productive life and I admire their determination.
    I am very grateful that Rotary has been so successful in eradicating this disease and am proud to be a part of this organization. “Service above self”

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