The place to be at the RI Convention is the House of Friendship

– and we want to make sure we have people at our booth every day at the RI Toronto convention from Saturday 23 June through Wednesday 27 June to help welcome others, make new friends, and help get the word out. If you can spare a couple of hours on any of the days, please sign up today by clicking here You will be amazed at the people you will meet! See us in Toronto at Booth 216, we are sharing a booth with the PDGs Fellowship. Volunteering at a booth in the House of Friendship is a great experience – and we have a prime booth location. It’s a great way to meet old friends and make new ones. When you sign up to help, please put just one name in each box. We hope to have two people working each two hour shift. Volunteer Today!

PDGs Fellowship and Polio Survivors RAG Rotary Booth
The PDGs Fellowship and the Polio Survivors Rotarian Action Group are sharing booth 216 at the Toronto Convention. Rotary would like us to have the booth staffed with at least two people at all times.  Can you help?  We have a prime location and it’s a great way to connect with old friends and m…
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June 16, 2018 at 07:24AM

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