Fundraising Ideas

From Meghan McCarthy, Coordinator Rotary’s $200 Million Challenge-

Consider these ideas for creative fundraisers that have proven successful for clubs and districts:


· Purple Pinkie Project: Millions of children in endemic countries know that a freshly painted purple pinkie means freedom from Polio. When local community members make a $1.00 contribution to PolioPlus, Rotary volunteers mark their pinkies with the same gentian violet used around the world on NIDs (National Immunization Days). The purple pinkie is a personal symbol of helping one child become free from Polio forever. For more information, visit the following website:


· Celebrate a Big Day: Rather than exchanging gifts for a special occasion, request that friends and family make a contribution to Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.


· Raffles Big and Small: Raffle off a car, a seven-night cruise or four tickets to a local event such as a basketball game or a concert. Clubs can have a weekly raffle for local restaurants or area businesses.


· Skip a Meal: At your Rotary Club meeting, opt to skip the meal and donate the cost to Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.


· Host Rotary Night: Arrange with your local ball clubs and host a Rotary Night at the ball game. Both major and minor league teams have pitched in to help Rotary “strike out Polio”. Auction off throwing out the first pitch. Set up a booth in the ball park with information on Rotary and Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.


· Organize a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or skate-a-thon: Find Rotarians, Rotarian Fellowships, athletic groups or other community members who want to participate and ask them to solicit pledges for miles or kilometers walked, pedaled or skated.


· E-bay auction: Ask Rotarians, friends and family to clean their attics and basements of items (clothing, jewelry, furniture, housewares in good condition) they wish to give away. Collect the items and list them for auction on E-bay. Enlist the help of techno-savvy Rotaract and Interact clubs to take electronic photos of the items and post them on-line.


· Plan a Special Event: dinner, golf tournament, festival, picnic, wine tasting, Valentine’s Day dance, silent auction, sports competition are just a few suggestions that could draw participation from Rotarians and other members of the community.


· Create a special item for sale: CDs, cookbooks, ties, teddy bears, and mugs are only some of the items that have been sold to raise funds for PolioPlus.


· White elephant gift auction: after the holidays, ask club members to donate “white elephant” gifts that they do not want or need. Auction these items off at a club or district meeting to raise money for Polio!


· Pennies for Polio: a great way to involve non-Rotarians in the district. Rotarians and their friends and families place coin-collection cans or boxes in local businesses, schools, and homes. All proceeds are combined and donated to Rotary’s $US200 Million Challenge.


· Movie Night: Work with local cinemas to organize a movie night where the proceeds (or part of the proceeds) from admission are donated to Polio.  Publicize the event in the paper, on the radio and in all Rotary Clubs in the area and encourage family members, friends and non-Rotarians to attend.


· Million Dollar Dinner: Arrange to have a dinner with a Rotary Senior Leader, local celebrity, or District Governor. Invite guests who are able to make a significant gift to Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.


· Fireside Chat: A local Rotarian invites other members from the District to his or her home for an update on Polio eradication and an opportunity to discuss making a major gift. This event may be hosted by a Rotary officer or a Major Donor.


· Organize a Rotary Run for Polio Eradication: Solicit corporate sponsorship to cover the costs and raise funds by charging a registration fee for runners.  Consider having team or age-category competitions.

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