PSA Project #4: Bicycle Wheelchairs, Equipment and Truck

This project is similar to project #3 in that it includes the purchase of more equipment for the sustainability of the wheelchair shop operated by the Handicapped Advocacy and Rehabilitation Center (HARC) in Jos, Nigeria.  This project will cover the cost of construction of 600 bicycle wheelchairs.  In addition it provides for the purchase of a 6-wheel flatbed that will be driven and maintained by the HARC.  This truck will take the place of (and be cheaper to maintain) the older trucks currently in use.  Because the wheelchair beneficiaries have absolutely no means of transportation other than their ability to “walk” on their hands, and of the great distance from the wheelchair shop, the wheelchairs must be delivered to each of them in their home villages, personally.  The truck will be able to carry 35-40 wheelchairs or more if a carrying rack is installed.

As in Grant #3 the wheelchairs are distributed free of charge.  Recipients are selected based both on need and on personal ambition to attend school, find meaningful work, etc.  Recipients are expected to report back to the local Rotarians in the host club of Nigeria.

This grant plus grant #3 complements a strong and ongoing relationship with the Host Rotary Club and the International Club and other international partners involved with the grant.  Members of most of the international clubs represented have personally participated in National Immunization Days campaigns for polio eradication.  Many are members of the Polio Survivors & Associates RAG.

Our collaboration partners include:

1 Rotary Club in Nigeria

1 Rotary Club and 1 District in Michigan, USA

7 Rotary Clubs and 1 District in Maine, USA

1 Rotary Club and 1 District in New York, USA

2 Rotary Clubs in Illinois

3 Rotary Clubs and 1 District in Hong Kong

4 Rotary Clubs and 1 District in Taipei

1 Rotary Club in North Carolina, USA

1 Rotary Club in Virginia, USA

1 District in Pennsylvania, USA

PSA Donor Advised Fund


This grant has been approval by the Rotary Foundation.

Project total: $54,865.17

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