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  1. I believe I was made an Ambassador here in Australia and want some verification. I seem to be out of the loop and yet am working to encourage membership and in all of my PowerPoint presentations include information on Polio Survivors RAG. I am the Polio Chair for District 9560, d9560 Passport Club Foundation Director and the Australasian and Oceanic Rotary’s Worlds Greatest Meal Coordinator. I am currently trying to encourage all Polio Survivors in Australia to become members of Polio Survivors Rotary Action Group and to encourage the many Rotary Members as Polio Survivors to join and promote the RAG. Any Help I can get to help me promote will be most appreciated.

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    In late August 1949, I contracted polio and was flown to Melbourne Australia. I was not expected to live overnight. On arriving at the Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital, I was immediately placed in an Iron Lung where I remained for some 3 or 4 months. I was then placed in a Double Thomas Splint where I remained until rehabilitation allowed me to walk with the aid of calipers which I wore all my life until I 1998 when I was forced into a wheelchair after being diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome/sequel.

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