New Partnership – Crutches for Africa

The Polio Survivors Rotarian Action Group has started yet another new partnership with Crutches4Africa, joining hands in our efforts to assist polio survivors. Crutches4Africa shares our passion for improving the live of polio survivors in developing countries andc has worked extensively in African countries. C4A has a long history of supplying mobility devices to those struggling with the crippling effects of the polio virus. Their focus is collecting new or gently used crutches, canes, and folding walkers and working with Rotarians in Africa to send full containers of mobility devices for distribution. For those not needing wheelchairs, these assistive devices allow many survivors greater ability to walk upright, restores their dignity and allows them the mobility to be more self sufficient. PSA has worked indirectly with Crutches4Africa through District 7780 sending a container of 5500 mobility devices to Nigeria in 2011 and plans to generate more projects with the help of our global friends.

We look forward to working with C4A on projects to provide greater accessibility and healthier lives through the gift of mobility. For more information on C4A please visit their website at

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