Rehabilitation Center

Community-Based Rehabilitation

In a global sense, Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is the primary means by which disabled people in most countries of the world have any access to rehabilitation or disability services.

The primary purpose is to ensure people with disabilities realize their rights and responsibilities and have the opportunity of leading lives with dignity.


A doctor examines a young polio survivor prior to surgery. Surgery will help straighten the leg, and it will then be immobilized in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks afterwards.

A CBR would not only ensure that he will get help to stand, but will make sure he is fitted with braces that are the correct size as he grows.

Another Polio survivor after surgery – although surgery will help him straighten his legs, a CBR would make sure that he receives the care to help him walk.  Without this, he would be depend on just family members to help out.

Samples of what a CBR would look like. It would not only be of use for polio survivors but for all those with disabilities.

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