Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ADA

Here are some quick articles and links talking about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), which celebrated its 25th anniversary on July 26, 2015.

Introduction to the ADA

The ADA Home Page provides access to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations for businesses and State and local governments, technical assistance materi…
black and white - the Capitol Crawlers ascending the stairs to the U.S. Capitol on their knees and behinds
What the ADA Means to Me

I was still a young child when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 23 years ago today in 1990.  I remember watching the coverage on TV and my mom telling me this was an important law that would help people in wheelchairs like me.
Disability: Benefits, Facts & Resources for Persons with…

Disabled World category on disability provides news and articles concerning disabilities including latest health issues.



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