Breathing and Sleep Symposium for Polio Survivors

The Salk Institute has posted the video from the Breathing and Sleep Symposium on their website at We received this note from Gladys:

“I have watched the presentation all the way through again, and the information that was shared by our presenters is extremely valuable for all polio survivors to seeā€¦not just those with known breathing problems. Knowledge is the key to 1) understanding neuromuscular respiratory compromise and 2) protecting yourself as you age with PPS.

I hope you will not only personally take a moment to view each segment of the presentations, but that you will also put out a reminder for your members to tune in as their time permits as well. Thank you for everything Rotary has done to support this important event and get information into the hands of polio survivors who need it most.”

Polio Breathing and Sleep Study Symposium

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