The Final Inch – Award Nominated Documentary available online On Saturday, April 18, HBO will rebroadcast “The Final Inch”, an academy award-nominated documentary about polio in India . UNICEF India assisted with the making of the film. The HBO web site provides the following summary: Nearly 50 years after a vaccine for polio was developed in the U.S. , the polio virus still […]

“Managing Post-Polio”, A Guide to Living and Aging Well with Post-Polio Syndrome, Lauro S. Halstead, M.D., NRH Press, Second Edition 2006

            Dr.Halstead is one of the early doctors to identify what came to be known as “post-polio syndrome” (PPS).  He helped organize international conferences in Warm Springs in the early 1980’s and has continued his interest and work at the National Rehabilitation Hospital.  Joan Headley, Senior Advisor to our Polio Survivors Action Group is one […]

“Postpolio Syndrome”, Julie K.Silver, MD, Anne C. Gawne, MD, Hanley & Belfus

            This paperback was published in 2004 and is a compendium of evidence-based findings of more than twenty observers-practitioners in the field of diagnosis and rehabilitation of polio survivors and offers the best state-of-the-art medical treatment known at the time of publication.  Dr. Silver is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.  At the time […]

“Splendid Solution, Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio”, Jeffrey Kluger, G.P.Putman’s Sons

            A good companion book to Oshinsky’s “Polio – An American Story” that goes into great detail about the life and times of Jonas Salk, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) and Salk’s University of Pittsburg Lab that compounded the serum that led the way to a reliable and effective vaccine that can be […]

Polio: An American Story

David M. Oshinsky’s remarkable book which focuses on the search for a vaccine for polio, also talks about the survivors whose lives were devastated by the disease. In the downloadable PDF file available here, you can read exerpts from his 2004 book.

What can you do?

In every zone, in every district, more Rotarians are needed to help us reach our goal of saving children, because in every community there are children who need our help. Child mortality is highest in developing countries. But there is not a single Rotary district where local club projects cannot save lives. Every day, in […]