Ambassadors for Polio Survivors

The people listed below have been selected as Ambassadors for Polio Survivors.  They are a corps of knowledgeable members of Polio Survivors Rotary Action Group (PS RAG) who provide support for the goals of our group and of The Rotary Foundation. Among other things, they may help fellow Rotarians and the communities in which they live in the following ways:

  1. Provide speakers for club meetings and other events.
  2. Share information with others to deepen the knowledge of the challenges of the physically disabled which includes polio survivors within communities and regions.
  3. Provide local Rotarians with access to professionals worldwide who may address their district’s need for expert advice in areas such as technology, education, medical treatment and evaluation, etc.
  4. Liaise between their district and others to create partnerships that will facilitate project development and enhance funding opportunities.
You can reach out to them by clicking on the More… button for help with a project or speaking opportunities.

If you are interested in being appointed as a Polio Ambassador, you need to be a sustaining member for the PS RAG in good standing and complete the Ambassador application online. Selections are made by the board of directors.