A must read for all polio survivors, their families and caregivers.


Life Skills for Polios: A light-hearted handbook

From “Down Under,” Australian journalist, artist, author and polio survivor Fran Henke presents the ideal book for polio survivors wanting to know how to manage, not only post-polio symptoms, but also how gracefully to:

• Downsize home and life.
• Demand the right chair.
• Find much needed sleep.
• Exercise without overdoing it.
• Avoid falls and worse problems.
• Manage the “Big Four” painful body parts.
• Shopping when supermarkets are too big & far.

Life Skills also addresses hard-to-talk-about and unexpected issues like incontinence, dealing with anaesthetists, recognizing heat and cold intolerance, embracing the brace and coping with childhood abuse.

In 128 packed pages, Fran Henke has gathered the latest information from world polio experts and “lived it” experts — polio survivors themselves — to bring together a wide range of solutions to the diverse issues that affect “polios.” Life Skills, with Fran’s quirky illustrations, may also help families and carers understand and appreciate what’s going on with PPS.

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